No Three Letter Words

Daily Prompt today challenged us to write a post without using three letter words. Originally I thought this wouldn’t be so difficult. However, in my case it certainly brought to focus that seemingly insignificant in-betweens most often need to be there to assist us in writing as well as in life. It inspires me to think about many other things that we don’t think about daily, things that go unnoticed, perhaps unappreciated. So many small, beautiful moments, feelings, sensations, smells, simply pass us by without notice. We should be appreciating life in details, instead of appreciating life solely as whole, focusing on a destination or a goal. Stop, smell roses.

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2 Responses to No Three Letter Words

  1. I love challenges like this. I don’t know why. I guess I just like word play in general. I tried something similar once; we had to write a story (maybe just a paragraph) without using the letter “e”. Nearly impossible!!!

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