Insanity Workout

When I was younger I was a ballerina. I had dreams that one day I would grow up and be dancing for the Bolshoi, or ABT, or even for one of our local Minnesota companies Ballet of the Dolls ( Unfortunately (or fortunately, since my life would be drastically different) for many reasons I decided to stop at age 16. In all honesty, it was almost a relief in many ways. I was able to enjoy eating what I wanted and having the time to do normal teenage activities. But over the last 13 years, I have ever so gradually become lazy.

In my early 20’s, going out dancing and short stints at the gym helped keep my body in shape. However, as I now approach 30, my body does not shed the calories as it used to and a a result I have gained weight. Although I don’t feel that I am by any means overweight, I know that as more time passes, it will become increasingly difficult to change my habits and to get in shape.

I am entering the last year of my 20’s in May and I need to get my but in gear now. I have been walking often and doing Pilates with my Mom (who is recovering marvelously), but I just do not have the drive to really push myself and so my laziness takes control and…. Well I end up watching the ID channel and cuddling with my dog on the couch or going out for burgers and beers when I should be at least taking 1-2 hours a day to exercise.

So, in my frustration with my lack of self discipline and self control, I have decided to try this new Insanity workout program.  I know that this will be difficult. I have heard many friends (marathoners, triathletes, and well you know the type. I envy their drive to even attempt and participate in those events) say they have loved the results, but that it has been one of the most difficult things they have done. I will be chronicling the journey and hope that this blog will assist in holding me accountable.  (You can also follow my Twitter feed #InsanityWorkout #Accountability).


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