Insanity: Day 4… only?

Ahhhhhh today was Cardio Recovery. A nice break you say? Not entirely. Although this was low impact and a lot of stretching, it still worked my legs, hips, and arms. My legs were shaking by the end and a few hours later are still feeling weak. So far this was my favorite day since, probably because it was more like yoga and Pilates…. what can I say, high intensity cardio is hard for me and I love the slower pace of yoga/Pilates. Still, I know that this cardio is great for me and I obviously need to incorporate it more into my routines. But seriously, it hasn’t even been a week yet??? Just kidding, but not really.

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One Response to Insanity: Day 4… only?

  1. Lol…u can do it! 🙂

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