Insanity Update

Oh friends… I have been too busy (and tired) to write daily on the Insanity Workout program. Sean T is still kicking my butt. I have not been able to make it through a full workout but I can tell that I am improving as I am able to go for longer periods without needing a break. It has only been 1 week, so of course no obvious physical changes yet, but I can FEEL the workout in my muscles. After this next week I will be posting updated photos anyway so I can keep track of the progress. I have also ordered Sean T’s Hip Hop Abs video series and will be doing that next along with starting hot yoga. It will be nice to have a less cardio-intense workout to look forward to. In the meantime, one of the things that keeps me going is the reward I promised myself for finishing Insanity; a new pair of jeans. If you’re “workin’ on your fitness” and feeling like it’s a struggle, remember that you’re not alone. Let’s keep pushing together. And as Sean T says, “Dig deeper!”

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