Insanity and The Wrist and….

I have been finding that some of the exercises are difficult for me due to a wrist injury. I have been trying to modify where I can, but some are just not “modifiable.” Also, I need to re-think when I do my workout. I am not a morning person and find doing these intense workouts in the morning more difficult at this time of day than the few times I have done them in the afternoon. The catch, I work a of mid-day and evening shifts and Vanella is sleeping when I get home. Which leaves… the morning. And I need new tennis shoes. And…. at least I am hitting play everyday. I even keep trying to make excuses to myself of why I can put the workout off, but I have been ignoring myself and powering through anyway. This is self-discipline that I do not normally have. And my muscles feeling sore and me dripping sweat daily is making me feel great! Even though I can not do a full workout yet (I just do what I can) it’s better than just sitting on the couch.

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