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Count Down to 29

As I’ve mentioned, I am turning 29 at the end of May. My amazing Mom has given me a jar filled with folded pieces of colored paper with lid labeled “Count Down to 29.” Beginning tomorrow, I get to choose … Continue reading

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A friend of mine, Asha Marie, has been posting monthly photo series on Facebook. She chooses one theme every month and takes one photo per day for the month that she believes represents that theme. I asked her if I could … Continue reading

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Avoiding ‘Truthiness’ When Writing Your Life

Originally posted on The Artist's Road:
“Did that really happen?” It’s a question every memoirist and personal essayist faces. Ideally the writer will answer “Yes.” It gets awkward when you have to say, “Yes, but…” In the October 2005…

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Loren’s Lesson

3 years ago on May 1, my cousin’s girlfriend Loren was in a car accident. They had 2 small boys. She was such a great mother, it just came so naturally to her. She loved the color green, gardening and … Continue reading

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now that the sky is blue | Thomas Lamadieu

Originally posted on afternoon sudden stories:
For anyone who has lived or visited a narrow courtyard wrapped in buildings it can sometimes be a claustrophobic space with the sky limited in all directions, but the strange geometric gaps formed by…

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MN Springter: It’s about time you eff off.

To any of you with delicate dispositions, I apologize in advanced for the bad language. Here in Minnesota we are living in a confused state. Just as Minnesota was transitioning from winter into spring, it must have developed amnesia and forgotten what … Continue reading

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Slacking: Insanity and Hip Hop Abs

In the name of accountability I have to admit been slacking the last week. Vanella and I have many pre-wedding events we’ve been attending for a family member and, well, sometimes I’m vain. This sounds ridiculous and petty to some, but in … Continue reading

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