MN Springter: It’s about time you eff off.

To any of you with delicate dispositions, I apologize in advanced for the bad language. Here in Minnesota we are living in a confused state. Just as Minnesota was transitioning from winter into spring, it must have developed amnesia and forgotten what month it was and started snowing again. Then it went back to raining. One minute it is cold and windy and you need a hat, scarf, boots, and winter jacket. Then it is mild and has the warm touch spring to the air and you only need a light jacket and you can smell fun in the air. Then it flurries. Then it sprinkles. Then it freezes. Then it melts. I was wearing flip flops for 3 damn days then had to drag my heavy boots out again. So; Dear Minnesota, It is mid-April. It is not mid-December. I understand that you are used to being cold and snowy for the majority of the year and it sometimes may be difficult to change modes. But it is baseball season, if anything it is supposed to be rainy not snowy and melting not freezing. Remember April showers bring May flowers and all that? You have one week to get your shit together and kick winter the heck out until next season. Sincerely, Me. PS I still love you.



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