The Dirty Thirty Is Right Around The Corner

I will be 30 next month. This does not terrify me or throw me into a depressive state like so many others. I look at 30 as a new beginning, a leaving behind of a wonderful yet naive time, a time that of course is a large part of what has shaped me. I can not get back my 20’s nor do I really want to relive those years. I had some fantastic times but I feel that something so much more profound is waiting for me in my 30’s. I’ve been fortunate enough to have learned a lot and to have had so many experiences so early on. It’s an odd feeling of having lived so much life while having so much life yet to live. I am excited about what life has in store and I can not wait to see where it will take me.

Cheers to the Dirty Thirty being just around the corner. May it bring deepening friendships, love and adventure.


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